A National competition that will embody the Unifying Diverse Beauty of the Philippines and its people. Promote our Country’s through a National pageant that will showcase the Beauty, Arts and Culture of the Philippines. MTP aims to work hand in hand with our local government units and showcase the values of “PAGKAKA-ISA” in creating better opportunities for our local communities.


To be the Country’s No. 1 platform in promoting the Philippines as Top Tourist destination all over the world though Beauty, Arts and Culture.


Miss Tourism Philippines 2018 is the new beginning for Miss Tourism Philippines. This year we are not just a platform for young ladies to compete but we also commit to make the whole nation united with our mission, and that is to promote our country’s tourism through Beauty, Arts and Culture. We believe that tourism has a great impact in helping our country’s socio-economic status and as a National Pageant, we will use this to involve our Local Government units in creating more tourist attractions in their own local community. Leveraging the life of many by providing better opportunities when it comes to business and livelihood. Valuing and preserving our country’s Art and Culture, Miss Tourism Philippines is also focused on making sure that we will continue on making awareness about our almost forgotten lifestyle and culture. We have high hopes that this year we will be able to help the Philippines not only with tourism but also in preserving our Natural resources by giving back to Mother Nature and our community. Miss Tourism Philippines will be proud to represent the Country to International Pageants to make a better impact from here on! Miss Tourism Logo The new logo embodies our goal to show the world how we embrace Unifying Diverse Beauty of the Philippines. With our hopes to leverage our country’s culture and arts, we use familiar textures from the major group of islands in the Philippines (Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao). It’s our countries pride to use colours and patterns from our traditional weave.

Miss Tourism Philippines C.E.O. and President 

President and C.E.O., Miss Tourism Philippines, Inc.
Founder and Chairman, Amytony Foundation, Inc.
Administrator and Owner,Amytony Homes, Inc.
Charis Chateu Inc. USA
Manager, Amytony Resort
Pug-os Cabugao, Ilocos Sur, Philippines

Antonio B. Abarquez
Chief Finance Officer – Miss Tourism Philippines, Inc.
President – Amytony Homes, Inc.
Abarquez Homes, Inc.
Owner, Amytony Resort,
Pug-os Cabugao, Ilocos Sur, Philippines

Retired Col. Veronica S. Cataluña
Corporate Secretary – Miss Tourism Philippines, Inc.
Retired Colonel, Bureau of Fire Protection


Dr. John Weinstein
Director for International Affairs
Consulting Psychiatrist
Attorney at PsychFitbess, APMC

Janet Lane G. Sy
Director for Marketing
C.E.O., My Home Realty
Pasig City, Philippines